furniture engineer

Praying that Doris will be working in this Neighbourhood soon!  Can you feel it? Across the street at 503 Venables there are some cute white accordion-style petition wall displayed behind the window where the bike is parked. Vegan raw pad thai dish available at Eternal Abundance (left bottom photo) and home-made Thai coconut green curry over lentil-rice! Advertisements Continue reading furniture engineer

Nature close to home

  Robins and birds flying all around – close to home! A little photoshop-ping and we have some nature shots right in the city.   Where is my chestnut?  This “little” (prob. was at one point) was right outside my balcony door looking at me ever since I left the one chestnut by the drain.  The little ones had been digging through my pots and spilling the soil all over so I thought I would save them doing it but…. They still like to perch on trees in the garden as others have seeds and birdhouses to draw them all … Continue reading Nature close to home

Art Crawl 2015 – Last Day – Railway Area

Our church just completed a 3 day fast (what’s that? another time to expound) to help us slow down in life to appreciate all that God places before us. Visiting artists one by one by foot is one way to slow down. Modo drove me from Parker Street to Railway. Driver Jackie shared that the cover of this year’s Georgia Straight, Leanne Christie is on Main Street not far from the Railway Ave studios.   I asked Leanne if one of her paintings was futuristic.  She laughed it could be.  I thought the painting at the far right was a … Continue reading Art Crawl 2015 – Last Day – Railway Area

Art Crawl 2015

Expressotec – Coffee machines & more – 1 yr old location at Clark Drive and Parker St. – Cappacino’s or expresso’s by Donation using Rancillo expresso machine. Twenty feet away the Modo vans pick up and drop off every 30 minutes to two other routes. Free 11 to 6pm but hit and miss. While waiting for the shuttle, I spoke with the manager of the shop and she showed me a few of the nicer machines.  They have classes each month about 2 hr per session on Saturday afternoons.  I spoke to her about making real GOOD hot authentic (dark) chocolate … Continue reading Art Crawl 2015

Remembrance Day in Vancouver

A lot of families and shoppers were frequenting DT on 11.11.15. Buses were re-routed so the first stop caught the start of the parade at Beatty and W. Pender Street. Climbed up on a street crane parked off Hastings Street. Lots of spectators and cameras everywhere. Soldier playing lament song on bugle. Medals galore. Returning to The Drive.  Another parade. Grandview Park cenotaph Continue reading Remembrance Day in Vancouver

The Best Vegan Tamales in the West – Ruby’s

Amiga Ruby really does make the best vegan tamales ever.   This is my first time making it and eating it.  It’s hard to imagine anyone else who can make it as saucy and tasty as Ruby.  As you can see, lots of love and labour went into making and steaming the tamales.  It is just plain awesome having it with some organic greens and sauerkraut  along with beans.  It’s all vegan – even the cashew cheese with a twist of lemon juice on top of the tortillas.  I tested it with a cashew cheese artichoke filling with nutritional yeast and … Continue reading The Best Vegan Tamales in the West – Ruby’s

Vegan Pupusas and Corn Tortillas

We celebrated two birthdays in a unique way. Two of us learnt to make corn tortillas and watched pupusa making. We had a vegan potluck in a way. Daiya cheese and org zucchini both pulsed in the food processor. Organic greens thrown into the corn tortillas with guacamole and organic sauerkraut with the vegan pupusas along with scoops of cooked chili kidney bean (made from dried beans) sauce.  Absolutely, the best pupusa I’ve tasted.  Oh, it was my first too and really, it’s not bad even if it was vegan cheese.  The bean sauce was so tasty with some garlic, … Continue reading Vegan Pupusas and Corn Tortillas

Testing All kinds of Recipes

Fall is a good time to test all kinds of recipes from different cultures. Well, also I have to test out some recipes before taking them to birthday potlucks! Making the gringa type of corn tortilla turned out to be easier than I thought.  A hispanic amiga is going to teach me to make real tortillas one day.  For now, it’s Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina, stone ground golden corn flour made with dried corn kernels that been cooked and soaked in limewater and then grounded into masa.   The vegan dip by Chloe and chef Roberto from The Official … Continue reading Testing All kinds of Recipes

Building that Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bench

Thanks to buddy Doris that after a few weeks, the hunt for that bench to slide under my sister’s oak table is completed. We picked it up today and proud org berry rhubarb crumble dessert eaters on the new bench. Chris was the woodsmith in Strathcona who built the pine bench. It looks like fir or some kind of reclaimed knotted light softwood. (see Photo 3rd one down) Wanderlust on the Drive sells the reclaimed teak benches (2nd photo from top) for $795 without the 40% off sale. The nice lacquered wood bench from Thailand (see top photo) is asking … Continue reading Building that Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bench

Yummiest Kale Tropical Green Smoothie

Thanks to Doris’ dad for the fresh green natural kale! Into the Vitamixer: 1/2 frozen banana 4 chunks of frozen pineapple (equiv to about a ring) 1 orange peeled and cut into slices 1 to 1.5 c. of filtered water 1 stalk of green kale leaves 1 handful of org spinach (both stems and leaves) Blend for a minute or until smooth.  1/3 c of frozen org strawberry slices are optional.  Add more water if you like it thinner.  Otherwise, it is a nice smooth-ie! Continue reading Yummiest Kale Tropical Green Smoothie