Italian Day – June 14th


The Portuguese Club of Vancouver has long line-ups year after year for their infamous Barbecue Chicken $12 plate and the Barbecue Sardines (3 and a Portugese bun) for $6.  All that smoke from the BBQ draws the huge crowds all day.


The Red cars or Vespa bikes are cool displays too.


The Asian Grocers from the Triple A store feature fresh fruit cups or skewers or peeled mango on a stick or a fresh young Thai coconut with a straw every year.  BBQ corn on the cob or sausage were also on the grill.  There’s also dough rolling to make the big pastries in the deep fryers.  It’s serious “Italian Day” business.  Once a year, the merchants can throw in culinary displays aside from the routine grocery business to add some flare and profit.


I opt for the Mango Pineapple Sorbetto at Famoso Pizza House.  Pineapple juice.  Sweet…hmnnn….


I almost got my chance to tried the momos at Cafe Kathmandu (the dumplings with chutney) and both cooks from there and Siddhartha’s were promoting their samosas and chana masala’s along with BBQ extras.  While totally soaking in the people, theatre, street entertainers, food, drinks, and not sure about the “Arts” more than Food this year.  I think the people from other neighbourhoods are  here for the food!


I took a lot of pictures to help me remember highlights and all the work a lot of the people put into Italian Days.  Prairie Cottage Perogies was giving out poppyseed loaf samples and selling something Italian – Pizza Perogies, (Saucy but it has pepperoni) 6 for $5 plate as well as selling $1 bottled water.  They are new off The Drive – on Kitchener Street – selling cabbage rolls, sauerkrauts, borscht, and other frozen products.  My fav is the vegan sauerkraut perogies.


Cannoli’s – um, I didn’t get one but there were a few Cannoli chefs and line-ups for one of those desserts.  I guess that’s all art too if you see how much Love goes into squeezing the cream in one of them puffs.


So much to see and enjoy….Dancing…Okay, another day to cover the rest of the other pics!



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