June 13th – Meet the Makers


Doris invited a few of us to this Meet the Maker event in Strathcona which showcased a few of the innovative entrepreneurs to display their products and services.  Yolks presented their Egg benedict special on stage while Velocar introduced his start as designing his own electric Porsche.  What’s an expo without some free food or chai samples but some chose beer samples too.


Our favs were the finely sliced kale caesar salad and buckwheat kale soba noodles with spicy chai tea.


Of course, after the outing and saying farewell to our friends, Doris and myself had to visit another favorite spot in Gastown only a few blocks away to have another favorite BAO.  She tried something new like the Ninja roll and Jaws, a catfish with kimchi tartar sauce in a bao.  I had my usual, the Vevo, braised shitake mushrooms with microgreens, grated beets, housemade peanut sauce in a bao (steamed traditional chinese bun but flat).  The owner had time to visit with us and shared how he got started.  He is planning to open another eatery featuring authentic Northern Thai foods in Olympic Village probably end of the summer and other Baodown locations.




Ending a touristy day with more walking or cycling and a Sweet Peak Avalon ice cream with either organic strawberries or some chocolate mess.



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