Learning to Ride a Bicycle as an Adult

Lessons are available at http://canbikecanada.ca/ and a couple (one is an instructor of cycling) has a story to be told at http://gonecycling.com/book/gonecyclingbook.pdf.  Loved the details and hope some day will be my turn to do cycling tours, maybe in Amsterdam and France??

Here’s an outline:

Adult Learn to Ride 1

CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride 1 is a course for adults who cannot ride a bike. You will learn to balance, start, stop and turn. 1 – 2 persons per course. 3 hours.

Course objective: Adults who have never ridden a bicycle learn how to ride a bicycle.

Course outline:

1. Introductions and registration.
2. Helmet and bike fundamentals:

  • Helmet information and fit.
  • How a bike works: power transmission, steering, brakes and gears.
  • Bike fit.
  • Bike check – ABC Quick Check.

3. Learn to ride (including rest break):

  • Coast and balance.
  • Pedal and steer.
  • Go and stop.

4. Concurrent topics (during Learn to Ride session):

  • Bike safety equipment.
  • Clothing and carrying things.
  • Bike types and uses.
  • Bike parts.
  • Bike security.

5. Next steps:

  • Practice tips.
  • CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride 2 and the CAN-BIKE program.

6. Recap:

  • Questions.
  • Debrief.
  • Course evaluation.

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