Chia Red Bean Mylk Shake

Oops, I drank it all without taking a picture of it.  Basically, it’s sweetened cooked azuki beans that were sprouted and chia seeds added into the bowl to gel a bit overnight.  In a mixer, pour in 1-cup of almond milk and/or coconut milk.  Then spoon out 1-2 Tbsp of the pudding mix above and blend at high speed for a minute or less.  If you want, you can soak 1Tbsp of golgi berries in some water and throw this in.  It’s yum!  Kinda like the modified version of the traditional Asian condensed milk red bean shake but vegan.  More … Continue reading Chia Red Bean Mylk Shake

Banana Cake for those Bike rides!

A banana bread recipe passed onto me from a co-worker and modified a few times for that special treat on a bike trip that required some energy and nutrients.  I “veganized” the egg portion and there are links that will replace the egg in the recipe.  Go to for ideas.  I used the 1 tsp baking soda and 1 Tbsp vinegar in one of the recipes.  Other ideas included applesauce and/or soaked flaxseed in water.  Use Organic as much as possible. DRY Ingredients: 1.5 cups of org buckwheat flour (other mix in other gluten-free flours such as chestnut or … Continue reading Banana Cake for those Bike rides!

Refreshing Tasty Green Smoothie

My friend, Ruby has a great green concoction which I slightly modified. You can try out different green combinations but this one has a pretty yummy taste.  I used a Vitamixer to blend everything in a few minutes or until smooth. Use organic where possible. 1.5 cup or more filtered water 1 Fuji organic apple (or sweet ones like Gala or Delicious. tart doesn’t work for me) – cut up into pieces and put on bottom (no seeds in mine) 1 fist of cilantro with stems 1 fist of parsley with stems 1 or 2 fist of spinach (or use … Continue reading Refreshing Tasty Green Smoothie