Building that Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bench

Thanks to buddy Doris that after a few weeks, the hunt for that bench to slide under my sister’s oak table is completed. We picked it up today and proud org berry rhubarb crumble dessert eaters on the new bench. Chris was the woodsmith in Strathcona who built the pine bench. It looks like fir or some kind of reclaimed knotted light softwood. (see Photo 3rd one down)

Wanderlust on the Drive sells the reclaimed teak benches (2nd photo from top) for $795 without the 40% off sale. The nice lacquered wood bench from Thailand (see top photo) is asking $395 or $240 plus GST. (very heavy top) All that’s needed is a light teak color (Circa 1850) stain as above (bottom photo of the 4 shots).  Good job, Chris.  Loved sitting on it as it’s just the right height for me to have a nice relaxed dinner and dessert!

Craiglist had been selling spruce benches 5 ft in length for about $125 stained in Langley. (below shot)


Another woodworker offered to make a narrower spruce bench for $100. (below)


There was one for $200 with the pipe legs made from recycled oak pallets. (below)

My sister really liked the one below because it did not look like a picnic bench.

I liked both designs.


Another Craiglist experienced woodworker had real nice workmanship but I think he was prob. 8X the price but nice.


Obviously, there were plain nicer bench for sale posted in Craiglist like:


I am happy with my choice.  I chose to have a woodworker across from Strathcona Coastal Church build it.


It fits right under the table and sure goes good with the home-made organic sauerkraut!

Well, in the morning, I decided to quickly stain it and let it wind dry before the rainfall comes again.


After the sun comes out, we’ll see what color comes out.


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