Vegan Pupusas and Corn Tortillas

We celebrated two birthdays in a unique way. Two of us learnt to make corn tortillas and watched pupusa making. We had a vegan potluck in a way. Daiya cheese and org zucchini both pulsed in the food processor.


Organic greens thrown into the corn tortillas with guacamole and organic sauerkraut with the vegan pupusas along with scoops of cooked chili kidney bean (made from dried beans) sauce.  Absolutely, the best pupusa I’ve tasted.  Oh, it was my first too and really, it’s not bad even if it was vegan cheese.  The bean sauce was so tasty with some garlic, green pepper, and onions in the pot too.  Ruby’s the best hispanic cook I’ve met so far and too bad she’s not opening a Latino healthy catering food truck!

The tamales were ready for the steaming as we left but we will have it next time.  Doris made some prized pineapple coconut smoothie that will definitely give Earnest’s ice cream parlour some competition.

Feliz cumpleaños, amigas!


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