The Best Vegan Tamales in the West – Ruby’s


Amiga Ruby really does make the best vegan tamales ever.   This is my first time making it and eating it.  It’s hard to imagine anyone else who can make it as saucy and tasty as Ruby.  As you can see, lots of love and labour went into making and steaming the tamales.  It is just plain awesome having it with some organic greens and sauerkraut  along with beans.  It’s all vegan – even the cashew cheese with a twist of lemon juice on top of the tortillas.  I tested it with a cashew cheese artichoke filling with nutritional yeast and that was great too!  Las Amigas won’t be opening anytime soon but will spend more time developing Central American cuisine on the fly.  Great on the road and hope to see some kind of kiosk or food truck launched in 2016.


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