Art Crawl 2015

Expressotec – Coffee machines & more – 1 yr old location at Clark Drive and Parker St. – Cappacino’s or expresso’s by Donation using Rancillo expresso machine. Twenty feet away the Modo vans pick up and drop off every 30 minutes to two other routes. Free 11 to 6pm but hit and miss.


While waiting for the shuttle, I spoke with the manager of the shop and she showed me a few of the nicer machines.  They have classes each month about 2 hr per session on Saturday afternoons.  I spoke to her about making real GOOD hot authentic (dark) chocolate drinks or mocha java.

She said I just missed the chocolate rep from Exotic Organics (Ecuador).  I had visited the cacao plantation in Mindo, Ecuador so now I don’t have to fly south to get my supplies.


Favorite places – Well, I didn’t get too far this year due to the crowd and healing foot.  I took a few shots of the 1000 Parker Street building.


I guess the dog was enjoying the art show too so with a little photoshop touches, the picture above shows we’re not the only art lovers.



Two women photographers were shooting the back of the Parker Street studio exterior.  I quickly snapped a shot with the tanker beside them but I could have asked them for permission too.


I asked Christian Dahlberg for permission to shoot this wall of neon signs he was famous for crafting in the earlier days along E. Hastings Street.


This is the last year Sonja Kobrehel will be at the Mergatroid location.  Tomorrow I hope to catch a few more stops as it is the last day.


2 thoughts on “Art Crawl 2015

  1. Great post Jenn! Thanks for sharing your day. Looks like lots of creativity to view and experience. Love the pictures, all of them….you look fantastic!


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