Art Crawl 2015 – Last Day – Railway Area

Our church just completed a 3 day fast (what’s that? another time to expound) to help us slow down in life to appreciate all that God places before us. Visiting artists one by one by foot is one way to slow down. Modo drove me from Parker Street to Railway. Driver Jackie shared that the cover of this year’s Georgia Straight, Leanne Christie is on Main Street not far from the Railway Ave studios.   I asked Leanne if one of her paintings was futuristic.  She laughed it could be.  I thought the painting at the far right was a painting of the Georgia Viaduct but she says she will paint on it but it might be torn down with her mural.


Above is Ken Gerberick at 233  Main Street who looks after the administration of spaces rented to 8 artists.  In the middle black and white picture, he is in his last studio in 1996 where he stayed for 15 years.  His son is also an artist but is a barista on the side.  We were just talking about expresso and art – how coffee and art goes together.


Jerk with a Camera?  A young family lives and works in this creative space near Railway and Gore Ave.  Loved the bottom left photo of the docks and the cranes. He teaches multiple exposure technique  classes.  Every corner is scrutinized carefully to display and store their arts, treasures, and antiques tastefully.  Blue Olive Photography.


In my self-introduction to artist, Hugh Kearney Studio, I complimented how I love his creative use of the loft and that it had an influence of New York.  He looked quite surprised at my comment and pointed to the 2nd photo from the right is what his New York Studio looked like.


 I interrupted artist Galen Felde’s conversation with a friend upon leaving her studio.  I shared my impression and experience about the artist from New York.  I thanked her and told her that my first impression about her studio – that its influences seem to be from London, England.  After I had that thought, I read her biography and yep, I was astonished to learn she had spent a year in London, UK.  It was the fogs I got from her collection of paintings against the white brick walls.


This was actually my first stop on Railway when I was dropped off by the courtesy shuttle from Modo.  I loved their creative common workspace and met the curator who looks after all the workspace.  She draws the artists in and brings them together to create their masterpieces.  I liked the bike rack that takes up little space!  I saw a Breville coffee machine (grinder, expresso maker, prob. Americano’s) which the curator purchased from ECM located in Burnaby. Love their common kitchen and benches.  Reclaimed wooden furniture.  Also a picture far right in the middle took a break from his project to have a beer and to pose for me!


This art studio on the corner of Railway Gore had a bunch of one-liner post-its tacked to the window and hope you can read some of the favorite ones I liked.


Bill Pope, friend, had a few art pieces at the Kettle Society.  (Red dots mean they are sold)  One of the guides had to show me where they were located as I keep missing them.  He also drew some character sketches on the right below.


Bill Pope’s framed piece below.


Oh, these sardine cans below caught my eyes.  $50 each and all sold.


Oh, dear, I was asked to pick a few favorite shots for a friend and I featured more than three studios!

Next year, plan to go earlier and see different studios.

Not exactly the Drive.


Next subject:  Which Coffee Expresso Machine to buy?

Expressotec, corner of Clark Drive and Parker Street, promoting expresso by donation.  I tried the Firenze beans and I swear one drop of the expresso can energize me for six hours.  The manager suggested a little milk and sweetener – like a cappacino.  Yup, much tastier and I have ideas of melting some authentic dark chocolate to make a liquor for a mocha java or something.  Will have to keep learning.


Another manager there explained to me that expresso contains only 6% caffeine unlike brewed coffee which has 20% due to amount of time it spends in the water.  (which is why it is addictive he says)  I watched the fresh beans come out of the grinder into the portafilter, tamped, and then expresso comes out seconds after snapped onto the Rancilio expresso machine.  He also says I am better off drinking Americano (expresso with hot water added) if I am finding Expresso too strong a flavor.

All I recall is I used to drink six cups of coffee a day during university days and lots of half & half.  It was enjoyable but I have been more a tea enthusiast and hot chocolate drinker last 10 years.

Coffee chemistry and calculations on caffeine content next.


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